Wednesday, 7 October 2009


During the summer break i 'paid the rent' through placing pretty pictures on people's bodies. i have only been tattooing under a year, and i love every second of it.
Ever since i can remember, i have been fascinated with this form of art. Literally since i was tiny and could recognise pictures on peoples skin i adored it.
i always knew that i would have plenty of tattoos, and as the years have gone on i have undertook my fair share of the needles for my passion, and with every one i have always wanted more, i now know i wont be complete until i pretty much have my own body suit!!

In my eyes, everyone should have one (decent ones, mind you)

'simple colour flower ankle'

'Michael Jackson portrait, leg'

'cherub/heart tattoo'

'first gorilla tattoo sketch'

'gorilla tattoo, back'

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