Monday, 28 December 2009

'Pity the Dead'

along with the the uni work, i have also been drawing what i want as course....

the first image is a design im gonna get tattooed on the last free space on my right shin....can't wait to get it complete....and feel them silver needles.... :)

i wanted it to be elegant and pretty but also bad ass....for some reason im obsessed with roses, skulls and here we have it all....

for christmas i wanted to give my parents something they could keep forever, instead of the usual crap....and what do they love most in the and my sister off course (debatable) so heres a portrait i drew of me and my and grey off course...
i think they liked it...

'Sometime around midnight'

In this post, i am going to talk about my uni work.....zzz.....
My current project is creating tattoo designs narrating bible stories. At the moment i am on the 'annunciation' when the Angel Gabriel visits Mary telling her she is bearing God's child. i am enjoying it and hating it all at the same time. Its still a work in progress but i feel its coming together now, ever so slowly.....

im doing each design based on a certain body placement....

In the annunciation image i want the focus to be on the Angel Gabriel, as i feel the wings will be a great visual point, so the images below are observational drawings of some stuffed birds wings i drew from in the animal section at Norwich castle.

'Eagle wing'

'random seaside birds'


Here are some of my back piece designs, real quick sketches, just getting ideas out, experimenting with composition and all that rubbish.

i really like the idea of placing the angel along the bottom, having the wings shape around the back...

i prefer this angel to the one above, but feel it looks like the angel is carrying the baby away, instead of delivering...

i really like this angel....but i think thats because i fancied the guy i drew it from...

i hate this design, but i do like the text....text taken from the bible...

Sunday, 29 November 2009

"Anything goes"

i feel i work alot better when im drawing stuff that has no significance to me and it does not matter what im drawing, im just drawing it because i fancy it, which is why half the time i do not really like my university work.

anyway, here are a few images i have drawn, just because i felt like it....

'mexican kiss'

'Jeff Hardy'



"You Shock me all night Long"

this post is about some pieces i have created for some of my uni projects. as much as i completely love drawing in just pencil and creating black and grey images, i also really enjoy experimenting with colour using paint and also material.

the first image is a play on the virgin mary, im trying to illustrate the annunciation with a modern day, taking the piss kind of style, so in this image i am trying to portray a trashy 'virgin' Mary.

This second lot of images are quote illustrations taken from the book titled "A word from the wise"...

“knowledge speaks but wisdom listens” – Jimi Hendrix on wisdom

“There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so” – William Shakespeare on good and bad

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle” – James Keller – on generosity

“Gardens are a form of autobiography” – Sydney Eddison – about gardens

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

'The Sharpest Lives'

Like i have said before my first love is Tattooing!
i am at my absoulute happiness when i have my machine in my hand my ink in my pot and a willing, and somewhat nervous client in front of me. i just can not get enough of this art form, i think the closest i will ever feel to loving something as much, would be the love of my own child, if i ever have any.

anyway, here is a few of my creations i have completed over the months.....

Roses - my favourite thing to tattoo
...because she loves me :)
flowers and text
...because i love her

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

'Don't stop till you get enough'

I occupied a lot of my time during the summer through drawing out designs which i would really like to tattoo, in turn the subject matter was mostly pin up's. I love the poses and the lines the women create with their bodies.
i love the classic pin up look, that 1940's world war look, when women were women and men were men, the community would be there for each other and you knew the name of everyone down your street and could rely on your neighbours. Im lucky in that way, i still have that community spirit on the street where i live, i not only have family members living down the same street as me, but friends and loved ones who i have known since birth, its never quiet in my house and you know each others business.... and i would'nt have it any other way!!

'lady luck'


'Annie Ace'


During the summer break i 'paid the rent' through placing pretty pictures on people's bodies. i have only been tattooing under a year, and i love every second of it.
Ever since i can remember, i have been fascinated with this form of art. Literally since i was tiny and could recognise pictures on peoples skin i adored it.
i always knew that i would have plenty of tattoos, and as the years have gone on i have undertook my fair share of the needles for my passion, and with every one i have always wanted more, i now know i wont be complete until i pretty much have my own body suit!!

In my eyes, everyone should have one (decent ones, mind you)

'simple colour flower ankle'

'Michael Jackson portrait, leg'

'cherub/heart tattoo'

'first gorilla tattoo sketch'

'gorilla tattoo, back'

'I just can't stop loving you'

Ever since i can remember i have always liked Michael Jackson, i would even say 'love'. His music, his song writing is just genius, i give credit where credit is due, and there are many genius song writers out there, but i feel none and no one will ever come in close to comparison the late, great M.J.
His dancing, his voice were incredible, he was a true entertainer, one in a million. like millions around the world the day he died was truly sad to me. Like many others i had tickets to go and see him at his O2 shows, to which i will say till the day i die, would have been the one greatest experience in my live.
R.I.P Michael

After his death, i drew his portrait many times, here are a couple...

Random Sketches

"Man in the Mirror"

Well here goes, my first post on my first blog ever!!

Here are just a few random sketches i did during the summer break.
i had this obsession with drawing portraits for some reason, which is good because i feel i really worked on my technique and improved on my portraits, which is saying something considering a year ago i hated the thought of having to draw a portrait, yet alone doing one, however now, i really do quite enjoy it.

'Mum and dad, 1984'