Wednesday, 7 October 2009

'Don't stop till you get enough'

I occupied a lot of my time during the summer through drawing out designs which i would really like to tattoo, in turn the subject matter was mostly pin up's. I love the poses and the lines the women create with their bodies.
i love the classic pin up look, that 1940's world war look, when women were women and men were men, the community would be there for each other and you knew the name of everyone down your street and could rely on your neighbours. Im lucky in that way, i still have that community spirit on the street where i live, i not only have family members living down the same street as me, but friends and loved ones who i have known since birth, its never quiet in my house and you know each others business.... and i would'nt have it any other way!!

'lady luck'


'Annie Ace'


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