Sunday, 28 November 2010

Jingle Bell Rock

It's been a really long time since I last posted on here, so I thought i would show what I have been up to the last view weeks.
It's nearly christmas and i have decided to make my christmas cards instead of buying them this year.
And here they are...
Bing Crosby

Nat King Cole

Cliff Richard

Thursday, 6 May 2010

You give love a bad name

Publication piece for the group end of year publication
Basically we had to come up with a sayings from around our own town. Well being from essex, with the charming essex boys, I decided to use one of their many pleasant greetings.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Bed of Roses

Ok, so i have actually started doing some of my project work again. this is a new project im working on. i am trying to draw my dreams, this is a few of the ones i have done for one of my more weird dreams, i wont explain my dream, because i myself do not even get what was going on.
The reason for this project is because i am currently on medication which develope these weird, scary, nasty and sometimes pleasant dreams, and as soon as i wake up and can remember them like it actually happened


This image is my creation/entry for the storehouse magazine. i had no interest in entering something until i saw someones entry and discovered the theme, when this idea came to me, so i thought it cant hurt making the image, and i like it more then i thought i would, so i might actually enter it.
The theme is A to B

My idea was how you can go from A to B within your own body image. so i based the image on my own body, from having a normal untouched body, to having my tattoos (note, i do not have my chest tattooed). so overal its a really rough self portrait in a way.
Summer Sun

Now that i have started fully doing work again, i have had all my paper and pens out, and in the bundle i found a couple of drawings i did during the summer/autumn months. here is one that is finished, i have one more that i need to finish but do not have the time at the moment to do it.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

'Rocket Queen'

for the past 4 weeks i have pretty much done sod all when it has come to drawing...i have not been in the best of moods, and have basically slept the entire 4 weeks i have been back home.
anyway...i think i have finally snapped out of it and have slowly started getting back into my work. i want to complete a project linking the royal family and tattoos. i have always been quite fascinated with our royal family, the history, the elegance, the formal grandeue of it all...oh to be a queen for the day, which i have not doubt is very hard work, and a demanding job.

I am especially in love with the old photographs of the late queen mother, there is just something about her face which oozes kindness. Especially the photographs of her when she is with her two daughters. something you do not see within today's modern royal family.

pencil sketch (not finished) - i plan on placing a chest piece on this one

very quick/ rough line drawing

corgi - want to use this as a tattoo on the queen, i was thinking a sleeve piece??

unfinished princess Diana - i thought maybe a neck tattoo on her