Tuesday, 2 March 2010

'Rocket Queen'

for the past 4 weeks i have pretty much done sod all when it has come to drawing...i have not been in the best of moods, and have basically slept the entire 4 weeks i have been back home.
anyway...i think i have finally snapped out of it and have slowly started getting back into my work. i want to complete a project linking the royal family and tattoos. i have always been quite fascinated with our royal family, the history, the elegance, the formal grandeue of it all...oh to be a queen for the day, which i have not doubt is very hard work, and a demanding job.

I am especially in love with the old photographs of the late queen mother, there is just something about her face which oozes kindness. Especially the photographs of her when she is with her two daughters. something you do not see within today's modern royal family.

pencil sketch (not finished) - i plan on placing a chest piece on this one

very quick/ rough line drawing

corgi - want to use this as a tattoo on the queen, i was thinking a sleeve piece??

unfinished princess Diana - i thought maybe a neck tattoo on her