Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Just updated, have a sneaky peak 


Well this post will begin with a great big OUCH!!

I managed to smash my hand in a fire door at work a week and a bit ago, and even though it may off hurt like crazy, meant a trip to the hospital and being in pain for a while, it was some how...

A blessing in disguise...

Luckily it was my left hand, so i still had the ability to use my right hand with no bother, and seeing as I am right handed, this was very lucky.

I got signed off from work for a week, not being able to drive, clean, go to the gym, even wash my hair (i had to wait for the fiance to come home from work to do my hair, Luckily I'm marrying a hairdresser :) ) all i was left with was drawing up my "save the dates". 

Which really needed to be started as they need to be sent out within the next month.


I sort off had an idea in my head, i wanted to incorporate aspects which will be appearing on our wedding day into the save the dates.

These aspects included

  • Feathers (Luke bought me a ostrich feathers quill on the day he proposed)
  • Crown (I am a huge royalist so i love all things Queenie. Luke took me to the Tower of London for my birthday to see the crown jewels, which also happened to be the day he proposed)
  • Fleur de Lis (Luke loves this symbol, just because its pleasing to the eye, so i said it could go in)
  • Filigree (Classy, beautiful, i have it tattooed on my body, you get the picture)
  • Me and Luke (Well...they need to know who it came from)

This is what happened once all placed together...

And a trip to the stationary shop, some snazzy posh paper later

and wolah...

A bunch of Save the Dates, all ship shape and ready to be sent out