Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Bed of Roses

Ok, so i have actually started doing some of my project work again. this is a new project im working on. i am trying to draw my dreams, this is a few of the ones i have done for one of my more weird dreams, i wont explain my dream, because i myself do not even get what was going on.
The reason for this project is because i am currently on medication which develope these weird, scary, nasty and sometimes pleasant dreams, and as soon as i wake up and can remember them like it actually happened


This image is my creation/entry for the storehouse magazine. i had no interest in entering something until i saw someones entry and discovered the theme, when this idea came to me, so i thought it cant hurt making the image, and i like it more then i thought i would, so i might actually enter it.
The theme is A to B

My idea was how you can go from A to B within your own body image. so i based the image on my own body, from having a normal untouched body, to having my tattoos (note, i do not have my chest tattooed). so overal its a really rough self portrait in a way.
Summer Sun

Now that i have started fully doing work again, i have had all my paper and pens out, and in the bundle i found a couple of drawings i did during the summer/autumn months. here is one that is finished, i have one more that i need to finish but do not have the time at the moment to do it.